In choosing a pageant gown, here are the 3 things you must consider:

1. Color – It’s good to know your skin tone and then select a gown that matches it. Also put into consideration the fact that the color of your gown might be affected by the stage background or light. In this case you will never go wrong with a sparkling gown as seen in the picture above.

2. Shape – If you’re on the short side, don’t go for a gown with fish tail as it breaks your height into 2 and make you look shorter. A long straight gown as seen on @zozitunzi above will be more suitable for you.

3. Personality – Wearing a gown is one thing but knowing how to work it on stage is another. So find a gown that matches your personality and what you represent. If you’re the fun and flirty type, a gown with an overlay as seen on @paweensuda will do it

Selecting a winning gown can be a very daunting task but not with a coach like me by your side.
So what are you waiting for? Send a DM darling, let’s get you a crown this 2020

We also have a community @pageantheaven , where you can get free lessons and build your network.

Follow @pageantheaven and click on the link in the bio to join. It’s just N5000 for 6 months, which is approximately N833 and it’s less than what you spend on a night out.

Invest now, invest in your future and don’t forget your network is your networth. .
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