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Friday, June 5, 2020

Slay Your Pageant

If that is you, competing in a (smaller) native pageant is the most productive beginning position. . Actual communicate - pageantry takes 💰💰💰 and is COMPETITIVE. No, you would not have...

3 Things to consider when choosing a pageant gown

In choosing a pageant gown, here are the 3 things you must consider: 1. Color - It's good to know your skin tone and then select a gown that matches...

How To Win Over A Pageant Coach Judge In Interview

The pageant coach judge is one of the toughest judges to impress in interview. The pageant coach judge teaches girls in detail how to succeed in pageantry and will...

What To Wear For Talent

Miss New Jersey 2017 Kaitlyn Schoeffel performs in the talent portion during the first preliminary night of the Miss America 2018 competition at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, Wednesday,...

Miss Universe: ALL STAR Edition!

Miss Universe: ALL STAR Edition! 💫 ————————— Gird your loiiiiiiins, Betches! We’re about to resurrect some of my favourite queens and thrust them back on to that hallowed Miss Universe...

“TO LOOK FOR THE BEAUTY IN IT.” Someone once said that

“TO LOOK FOR THE BEAUTY IN IT.” Someone once said that. I must admit, these days I struggle to even make sense of it all, let alone find any beauty...

ESTHER SWAN: “Zozi Dear, How about a little IG Live action to reconnect with...

ESTHER SWAN: “Zozi Dear, it’s getting dire out there. How about a little IG Live action to reconnect with your peeps? We need a little inspiration up in here. P&C:...

5 Signs Your Pageant Seamstress Is An Expert

Miss Teen of Minnesota 2016, Alexis Schugel, with seamstress Dolores Pemble, owner of The Spool House, Hastings, MN. Photo courtesy: Alexis Schugel. Of all the VIPs on your pageant team,...

How To Standout During Onstage Question

If you have an upcoming pageant or if you are looking for ways to improve your public speaking skills overall, don’t be scared of the onstage question. If you’re well-versed in...

How To Create A Winning Pageant Mindset with Wendi-Russo-Pageant-Coach

The trick to ace your pageant interview? Start with truly believing in yourself. Say positive affirmations to yourself before walking inside. Winners think differently, they plan differently, they are focused,...

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Are You Wearing Yellow?

I bet you are wondering why I am posing this question. Well, March is National Endometriosis Awareness Month. Endometriosis is a disease that affects...

10,000 pads campaign by Queen Hellen x Anetty cares foundation

Queen Hellen @heziel_ ( BAIPAFRICACONTEST 1st runner up) teams up with Anetty cares foundation a charity organization working on their current project which is raising of...

Miss Portharcourt City 2019

Like Coco Chanel: 'Less is More' but This year, we go by the 97 year old New York Style Icon, Iris Afpel to say"...

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