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Friday, June 5, 2020

Miss Universe: ALL STAR Edition!

Miss Universe: ALL STAR Edition! 💫 ————————— Gird your loiiiiiiins, Betches! We’re about to resurrect some of my favourite queens and thrust them back on to that hallowed Miss Universe...

Pageant master Class with the Pageantcoach_mma

If you haven't joined our community, you're seriously missing. Not to boast, but I'm pouring out knowledge at no cost and I think you should join if you want to...

How To Promote Your Platform Through Community Service

When it comes to being a titleholder, not only do you have to promote the title and the pageant in order to help it grow, but you also need...

How To Answer Hard Pageant Interview Questions

Ever lost sleep thinking about the types of questions you’ll be asked in interview? Stressing about the possibilities of an upcoming interview is likely something we’ve all done at...

How To Create A Winning Pageant Mindset with Wendi-Russo-Pageant-Coach

The trick to ace your pageant interview? Start with truly believing in yourself. Say positive affirmations to yourself before walking inside. Winners think differently, they plan differently, they are focused,...

5 Ways To Show Your Charm In Interview

Simply put, pageants are charm competitions. Think about it. In most cases, you are contending with other women who are likewise intelligent, attractive, talented and desirous of the title. What...

What Height Should Interview Heels Be Based On Age Division?

Putting together a pageant wardrobe is a highlight for many competitors. How could anyone dislike shopping for evening gowns and fun fashions that make them look like a princess?! While...

7 Lessons Learned For Selling And Renting Your Pageant Wardrobe

When it comes time to upgrade your pageant closet or to retire from pageantry, it simply makes sense to go through all your items and sell or rent out...

How To Answer Onstage Question Confidently When You Don’t Know The Answer

Onstage question. While the shortest phase of the competition, these twenty seconds ultimately decide a contestant’s fate. A source of many…interesting…answers in past years, it is important to always prepare...

How To Create An Hourglass Figure In Evening Gown

Dress after dress after dress and nothing seems right. Don’t think for a second that it is your fault! There are rules to follow when dress shopping, especially if you want to...

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Are You Wearing Yellow?

I bet you are wondering why I am posing this question. Well, March is National Endometriosis Awareness Month. Endometriosis is a disease that affects...

10,000 pads campaign by Queen Hellen x Anetty cares foundation

Queen Hellen @heziel_ ( BAIPAFRICACONTEST 1st runner up) teams up with Anetty cares foundation a charity organization working on their current project which is raising of...

Miss Portharcourt City 2019

Like Coco Chanel: 'Less is More' but This year, we go by the 97 year old New York Style Icon, Iris Afpel to say"...

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