If you haven’t joined our community, you’re seriously missing.
Not to boast, but I’m pouring out knowledge at no cost and I think you should join if you want to win in 2020.

It’s time to stand up and take your SPACE!
If you’re struggling with fears, insecurities , low self esteem and lack of confidence to truly be the best in what you love doing, in your community, at work and amongst your peers. THEN THIS IS ALSO FOR YOU!
And what do you stand to gain?

1. You get direct access to me and get all your questions answered.

2. You get free one month pageant training and be sponsored to any national pageant of your choice, if you win the PAGEANT HEAVEN MINI CONTEST.

3. You get 20% off for personal coaching sessions, 10% off of Masterclasses (which will be holding monthly) and free invites to our charity events.
4. You get first hand information on sponsorship deals and be sponsored on your pageant needs.

5. You have a support group which you can leverage on during competitions.

This will cost you N5000 for 6 months.
Approximately N833 a month which is less than what you spend on a night out.
So, If you can’t afford my one-on-one coaching, don’t say I didn’t do something for you.
Now with just N5,000 , you can get free Consultations and so much more.
If you want to win in 2020, the key is to start early, start now!

Invest in your future! .

Send a DM or Follow @pageantheaven and click the link in our bio to join.


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